About us

About us

Hi and welcome to Zeppelin & Co. We are so glad you’re here.


They say passion comes in different ways and angles, so we combined them.

Not so long ago, a then 26-year-old Oscar started a new and revolutionary online business, based solely on the idea of delivering quality clothing products directly to your front door… this is how Zeppelin & Co started.

He never expected to work in fashion, but passion comes from different ways and angles.


It is all about fun colors, beanies, and accessories.

Zeppelin & Co was born in Albuquerque NM, home of the International Balloon Fiesta. The air Balloon Fiesta is held every October, so this is the best time to visit the Duke City.

We are an online business, but you may also see us at the mall or at some clothing fairs/conventions. We like to keep it simple, but you probably already figured that out, so find what you love, and order it.


Every Zeppelin design starts with a bunch of rough pencil sketches

We apply common sense and research to develop new products that we would want to buy for ourselves. Zeppelin & Co is rooted for passion in design and attention to details, from finding the best factories around the world to delivering the best customer service for our clients.

We love connecting with you on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and we would love to see a picture of you wearing our products, so please keep posting!


Keeping it Personal

We would always try to maintain the personal touch, even as we grow. It is our obligation to always work in an ethical manner and towards the wellbeing of society.

Zeppelin & Co is truly a Family Affair, with the support of Oscar’s family and his beautiful girlfriend Zeppelins idea was able to come to real life.

We thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy our products.

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